Kai faceIn my time so far as a human I’ve done a lot of things and been a lot of people. I’ve climbed through Mountains in China, co-written and performed a Glam Rock Opera, built a House (electrical, plumbing, carpentry), filmed Penguins in New Zealand, helped lock my friend in a Plexiglas Box for a week, was a counselor at a Summer Camp for Mentally Handicapped Adults, welded Custom Mutant Bicycles, was part of a 700+ child Protest in India, Turbo-Charged a Miata, performed Burlesque/Striptease Acts, officiated a Wedding, studied Kung Fu in China, and built a Giant Lite-Brite.

I decided it was time to write some of it down.

Kai has a crush on the universe, the universe has a crush on Kai, and they’re constantly flirting with each other.

– Adam Mayer


This blog has really been a learning experience. I quickly discovered that most people want to be recognized in these stories and I am now using full names so that they turn up in web searches. Clearly there will be exceptions when dealing with issues of a truly private nature, in which case I use fake names starting with “Z”.


Photographs, mine and others, are Creative Commons licensed images unless otherwise noted.


Contact me by email at kai at jedi dott net.

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