A sploot is a journey undertaken with some silly or simple goal, like “find a bolt of exactly this size” or, “take a photograph of a trumpet player”, that is the excuse that pulls you around a city and forces you to interact with new people. Ideally it requires going from place to place getting details about how to complete the goal. The more obstacles that arise as you go, the better.
This is the objective of the sploot that gets it underway. The word stems from sploot and Hitchock’s MacGuffin.
Make Bad Art
Do it. Right now. And then, make more. Make lots of it. Bad. Horrible. Laughable and dismissible. OK, now make some more. Don’t ask why just do it. You won’t notice if it changes and that’s not your job. Just keep making bad, bad art.
Go Verbal
To switch from typing text through IM or skype to talking over skype, gTalk, phone etc.
Go Visual
To switch from typing text through IM or skype to video chatting over skype, gTalk etc.
Buddhist Droppings
When someone abandons all of their wordly possessions to wander the earth and discover themselves… and all of those possessions are left as a “gift” in your living room.
Right Way Lock
Similar to perfect being the enemy of the good, Right Way Lock describes the point where you are so concerned about doing something the “right way” that you end up doing nothing. This can arise from endlessly trying to figure out what the “right way” is, or by refusing to move until the tool or resource required for your chosen “right way” is available. Sometimes, you just have to pick up a stick and some duct tape, get it done, and move on.
Temple Racing
Running from city to city or country to country so quickly, and being so focused on going to every major landmark, that you miss getting any real sense of the city or the people.
Temple Fatigue
After being a temple racer long enough you will get exhausted and experience temple fatigue and need to slow down, take a break, and adjust the pace of travel.
Go type that down
Quickly jot down an idea using a keyboard. Who writes anymore?
Yadda yadda ya
An utterance indicating that the speaker could keep talking about this at even more detail but will spare you and assume you could take it from here.
Universal replacement for deity references buried in common speech. Less offensive to people who care, and wakes up those who don’t to realize how many religious references are deeply embedded in our language. I created a mythology for Kataka, who is a sort of a god of chaos and tricks similar to Maui, and one of two gods responsible for creative work.
Sometimes used in place of Kataka as a language tool (see Kataka above). Takata is the brother of Kataka and is responsible for order, plans and structure. Creative work cannot be done without both Kataka and Takata. Adam Mayer was part of creating this mythology. He started a massive painting of our creation myth at one point. In it, Takata is creating a perfectly uniform earth and Kataka is stealing one of the huge clay water jugs. He inevitably drops the jug and it breaks, spilling out to form the oceans of our planet.
Time for more cliff jumping
Read: Why You Should Jump Off a Cliff
Ruining the beauty of the present moment by filling it with worry about the future. Often pertains to relationships that have known end dates. You can enjoy every moment of the relationship until the last day or spend the whole time miserable that it will end.

From Elsewhere

There are a lot of terms that people ask about that are generally known, not my creations, but useful. While some appear in urban dictionary and the like, those sites are often in flux or hacked and I like having my own version of the meaning available for linking.

Woo woo
1. (slang) A person readily accepting supernatural, paranormal, occult, pseudoscientific phenomena or emotion-based beliefs and explanations. “That reporter is a bit of a woo woo.”
2. (slang) Those beliefs. “He is really into all that woo woo.”
3. A belief that is just beyond your own comfort zone, which is ever changing. “OK, I’m down with yoga, but this idea that chanting with other people is therapeutic is a bit too woo-woo for me.”

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