Never Use Soap Again

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My friend once decided to shave off his eyebrows to see what would happen. Besides freaking me out in a weird way I couldn’t pin down (until he pointed it out) he learned, of course, what eyebrows are for. Behold, without eyebrows, we’d get sweat constantly running into our eyes. Yep. That’s what happened to him.

Winnie giving me a bizarre hairstyle with dilbusI’ve had some pretty weird hair colors and styles over the years (and have stuck with the dilbus) but I’ve always washed it every day. The thing is, when you’re home with your parents recovering and not leaving the house… suddenly you have time to try whacky new things. The whole “no shampoo” thing has been going on for a while now. The process takes about a month, it seems, before your head stops freaking out and trying to make up for all the oil the shampoo bubble squad was stealing every day. Once it settles down it is, apparently, quite nice and low maintenance. The bonus is that you don’t dump a lot of questionable chemicals onto your head. Even better, for me, it means that my ultralight travel pile gets one bottle lighter!

Of course, no shampoo doesn’t mean I’ll never wash my hair. It just means I’ll do it with water. There are a number of other solutions to use during the transition time, including apple vinegar and baking soda, but I’m sure that’s just for wusses.

So today it begins: 30 days without shampoo. And then..?

Here is a pile of blogged scribblings about other people’s experiences:

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3 thoughts on “Never Use Soap Again

  1. Kevin Triplett

    YES! Excellent find, thanks for researching this and testing it on yourself. I have read that the human armpit is composed of special cells that secret a fluid that bacteria love to digest and excrete as this noxious aromatic, especially as the host gets older (like around 40 years old). BUT — the skin also secrets another chemical that makes the environment inhospitable to the bacteria — until it’s washed away with soap! So the process of soaping the armpits might lead to BO. Amazing! I like that Sean Bonner actually is two years into no soap and no shampoo. I will begin the trials on myself immediately and I look forward to your follow-up report!

  2. Kevin Triplett

    Okay! I’m into week 2 of no shampoo and my hair smells like … hair. I’ve stopped putting Moroccan oil in my hair to replace the oil I was stripping away (I have long hair and it would get super dry from shampooing). I’m also into week 2 of no soap (except when I need to wash my hands). So far, so good. I am showering everyday and my skin feels softer and no as dry as it used to but far from oily. It’s a nice feeling in the shower and I don’t worry about dropping the soap or working with slivers of soap because I forgot to buy/bring a new bar. I remember when shampoos were a new thing, when I was a kid. There were only a few of them and they were pumping the TV airwaves with commercials for them and promising exciting new lovelife from using them. Hmmm…maybe we were dup’ed back then into shampooing?

  3. Kevin Triplett

    I’m now in year 2 of no soap and no shampoo. I love not using it, showers are faster, I use less water, I don’t have to buy soap or shampoo, my bathroom is less cluttered, my skin is soft and doesn’t get dry, my hair smells good, people can’t tell a difference. I use soap 2-4 times a year just for the new experience and to remind myself why I don’t use it anymore. I do shower every day, I just don’t use soap. Thanks for blogging about this!


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