The Little Things: Equipment

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One of the things I’ve learned about both travel and film work is that I’m happiest when I’m completely self-contained and self-sufficient. If I have everything I need I won’t waste time or energy getting cranky when the producer forgets to arrange food, or only provides beef. When I’m knee deep in mud I don’t have to run back to a truck for anything. When the lights suddenly cut out while I’m half naked washing laundry, I don’t even notice the transition to a waterproof flashlight because the reflex is so fluid and automatic it’s already in my hand and lit. (I literally experienced this: looking down, startled, to realize I was already holding the lit flashlight. It was very cool.)

Here is what I had with me every minute of every day, strategically placed on my body (thanks to cargo pants) such that I could grab it without even thinking:

- Leatherman tool
- Waterproof flashlight
- Notebook
- Pen
- Extra camera batteries
- Extra Firestore batteries
- Nylon cord
- Twist ties
- Handkerchief
- Lens cleaning brush
- Lens cleaning fluid and wipes
- Rubber bands
- Tiny bottle of hand soap/body wash
- Expendable wallet with money and business cards
- More hidden travel wallet with:

- Real money
- Passport
- Immunity shot list
- Contact number for emergency evac
- Phone numbers for credit card cancellation
- Phone numbers and addresses of people in states and local
- Credit card (backup left elsewhere and uninitialized)

- Water
- Organic dried fruit and nuts mix
- Warm hat
- Wool scarf
- 300 weight fleece
- Brim hat (to swap with warm hat when the day heated up)

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